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18 Uttarakhand Food items one must try in a lifetime

Traditional Uttarakhand food: Taste at it’s Best The food among the whole State of uttarakhand is Delicious and Mouth Watering. Whether it is their Kaapli ki Sabji, Jholi (Kadhi), Mandue ki Roti, Dal k Pakode and much more. Here we are listing state’s 18 top delicacies one must try in… Read more »

Information on Pichora- Auspicious tradition of Kumaoni women In whole Kumaon region, one would have noticed on the auspicious occasions, women can be seen wearing a reddish color and bright yellow color ‘’Dupatta.’’ In Local language, it is called as Rangoli Pichora or Rangwali Pichora. On the auspicious occasions like… Read more »

Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra world’s largest inaccessible and difficult pathway for a pilgrimage. Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra is famous in the whole world. According to Historians, Nanda Devi was Goddess of Garhwal as well as Kumaon Kingdom ‘’Katyuri Rajvansh’’. Just Because Nanda was Ishtdevi of Both the regions… Read more »

Chholiya Traditional Dance form of Kumaon Region

Chholiya Traditional Dance form of Kumaon Region “Chholiya” is a dance form practiced in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. Chholiya is a dance form which is performed with a sword accompanying a marriage procession but now it is performed on many auspicious occasions.   ‘’Chholiya’’ is specially performed and popular in the… Read more »

Jhanda Ji auspicious flag raising in Dehradun

  Uttarakhand is famous for its culture, Tradition and different fairs and fests. These fairs mean a lot of the people from all over the world. Without Invitation, people gather in a thousands, hundred of thousands and sometimes in lakhs to enjoy it. If we talk about North India, Jhanda… Read more »

Uttarakhand Holi, a day to express love with colours

Uttarakhand Holi, a day to express love with colours Holi is a festival which has shifted its form and significance with the changing scenario. From Past thousand years, it has been celebrated in most parts of the country for colour, Fun, Love, happiness and food. Holi is a festival of… Read more »

Uttarakhand’s pahadi Nath is Special in its Own way

Devbhoomi Uttarakhand is famous in all over the world for its culture.                        Women wearing Nath Uttarakhand is famous for its costumes, dresses, jewellery etc. From the beginning and jewellery as we all know Jewelleries are the most important part of… Read more »