Harsil, Mini Switzerland of uttarakhand


Harsil is called the mini Switzerland of India.

Have you ever been to Harsil?? If not let’s take you to the mesmerizing beauty of Harsil. Harsil is a place of Natural beauty all over around it, Covered with beautiful flowers, dense forest of Deodar, the peak of Himalayas and snow covered mountains. Harshil is a place one should visit once in a lifetime.

Harsil is situated only 73 kilometers from Uttarkashi and 7,860 feets above Gangotri Highway. 25 kilometers away from Gangotri Dham is Cantonment area of Harsil. Harshil is a place situated on the banks of Ganga and Bhagirathi and the geographical area of Harsil comprises of Rivers, canals and many other water resources. This place has a special ambiance which is very peaceful and refreshing in its natural beauty. Deodar dense forest cool breeze in Harsil attract people traveling towards Gangotri.

As per historians a Britisher of East India Company Fredrick Wilson was so impressed with the beauty of Harsil that he made a beautiful bungalow in Harsil and settle down there. For many decades that bungalow was famous as Wilson House. In recent year wilson house was burnt in a fireline and In place of that Bungalow, Forest department has now made a beautiful Guest House. This is somewhere because of Wilson the Apples of Harsil are famous in people.

Bollywood Showman Raj Kapoor once visited Gangotri, in the way he went for Harsil and he was so mesmerized with the beauty of Harshil that he made a movie on Harsil. Raj Kapoor Superhit Film ‘’Ram Teri Ganga Maili’’ was mainly shot in and around Harsil. This movie was a history-making film in Hindi Cinema.

Harsil is full of rivers and canal and this fact can be proved by knowing that if you have to go just 1 kilometer away Bagori you have to cross around 9 bridges.


Harsil retreat

Explore Harsil with these Mind-blowing Activities:

Trekking: The enthralling valley of Harsil packed up with oak and deodar trees makes it an explorer’s paradise. So many trekking routes pass through Harsil which takes one through tumbling waterfalls, lush hills covered with pine and oak trees, flowing river streams. 

Pilgrimage: During the winter when the Gangotri is under snow, Goddess Ganga is brought downhill to ‘’Mukhba’’ village which is just 1 km from Harsil. Devotees can visit the winter abode of Goddess Ganga and seek her blessings. From the month of April last and till upcoming 6 months the shrines of chard dham usually occupied with pilgrims from all over the world so this can be a two benefit trip from one place.

Village Tourism: The beautiful village of Harsil boosts eco-tourism where tourists can practice these calm and serene environments along with learning about the rustic way of life, customs and beliefs of the community that lives there.


Trekking in Harsil

If you are going Harsil you can explore more places nearby it. Some of the place we are mentioning here.

Uttarkashi: It is situated at an altitude of around 1,352meter above sea level and 72kms from Harsil. Uttarkashi is a place situated from 155km from Rishikesh. This city is placed on the bank of holy Bhagirathi River. Uttarkashi is a place of Religious values temple of god Vishwanath is also situated in Uttarkashi, Its full of Natural beauty and the city is famous for NIM that is Nehru Institute of Mountaineering.



Gangotri: Gangotri is the highest temple of River Ganga and is worshipped as Maa Ganga in Hindu Culture. It is also famous because of being one of the Dham of Chardham Yatra Temples in Uttarakhand. This place offers Divine beauty of craggy landscapes, spouting water of Bhagirathi River and snow covered Himalayas. Gangotri opens on Akshay Tritya every year and closes in November on the occasion of Bhai Duj festival of Hindus. 


Gangnani: It is situated 26kms from Harsil. It is famous for its Natural thermal springs. People heading towards Gangotri take a holy dip in natural hot water kund of Gangnani. Gangnani place is an ideal destination for the spiritually inclined and those seeking peace of mind. Being a perfect spot for meditation, Gangnani acts as an ideal retreat for the nature lovers who are exploring in harsil.



How to reach Harsil:

Harsil is well connected through road network. As air and rail connectivity in Uttarakhand is limited, best way to travel is by road. Roadways Buses are an easy option travelling towards Harsil. You can either travel Harsil by Hired cab/taxi/bike whatever is your choice from Delhi or any other state. Harsil is 468kilometers from Delhi.

So next time if you are planning for a place for peace of mind and a place to forget all your worries just go for Harsil. Dense deodar forests, spouting water of Bhagirathi, hygienic environment and peaceful mountains are the highlights of this small isolated destination. A holiday at Harsil is a refreshing experience where you can do meditation and yoga.



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