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18 Uttarakhand Food items one must try in a lifetime

Traditional Uttarakhand food: Taste at it’s Best The food among the whole State of uttarakhand is Delicious and Mouth Watering. Whether it is their Kaapli ki Sabji, Jholi (Kadhi), Mandue ki Roti, Dal k Pakode and much more. Here we are listing state’s 18 top delicacies one must try in… Read more »

Information on Pichora- Auspicious tradition of Kumaoni women In whole Kumaon region, one would have noticed on the auspicious occasions, women can be seen wearing a reddish color and bright yellow color ‘’Dupatta.’’ In Local language, it is called as Rangoli Pichora or Rangwali Pichora. On the auspicious occasions like… Read more »